We are an email marketing and data-driven direct marketing solutions provider. We provide the following tools for your marketing needs.

Database design: The most sophisticated data available in the market combined with state-of-the-art database processing technology and proven direct marketing expertise.

List services: We diligently indulge in the process of bringing out to you new regional, global and local lists in an international list renting market. Our research process is a perpetuated one and done to undercover new lists which will work for your business.

Creative Services: We will turn your message into a marketing weapon. We have a team of designers that is fueled by experience. These men are not to be taken lightly as they are satisfied only when the project meets all the expectations in the given deadline.

Analytic Solutions: We see that nothing remains untouched in providing you the best insights for your related industry. All the variables like distance, demographics, transaction size, etc are covered in our entire program.